Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, was an American comic book series featuring the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and original-to-comics companion Tara Mishra. Originally intended to be a five-part miniseries, it was renewed as an ongoing series under the title Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Ongoing. The stories take place soon after Jack joins Rose and the Doctor aboard the TARDIS after the events of The Doctor Dances.

It was the fourth such ongoing Doctor Who series from Titan, joining those featuring the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth incarnations of the Doctor.

On 25 December 2016, Christmas Special, a special short story, was released online.

Stories Edit

Mini-series Edit

Ongoing series Edit

  1. Doctormania (3 parts)
  2. The Transformed (2 parts)
  3. Official Secrets (3 parts)
  4. Slaver's Song (2 parts)
  5. Sin-Eaters (2 parts)
  6. Secret Agent Man (1 part)
  7. The Bidding War (2 parts)

Special Edit

  1. The Lost Dimension: Ninth Doctor Special (1 part)

Short stories Edit


Issues Edit

Collected editions Edit

Volume Issues Title Stories Publication date
1 1-5 Weapons of Past Destruction Weapons of Past Destruction 2 March 2016
2 9DO 1-5 Doctormania 10 January 2017
3 9DO 6-10 Official Secrets 24 May 2017
4 9DO 11-15 Sin Eaters 18 October 2017