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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book series comprised of multiple stories. The series features the Twelfth Doctor. Year One and the first two stories of Year Two featured his first televised companion, Clara Oswald, and the rest of Year Two featured original companions.

Stories Edit

Main Edit

Year One Edit

  1. Terrorformer (2 parts)
  2. The Swords of Kali (3 parts)
  3. The Fractures (3 parts)
  4. Gangland (2 parts)
  5. Unearthly Things (1 part)
  6. The Hyperion Empire (4 parts)
  7. Relative Dimensions (1 part)

Year Two Edit

  1. Clara Oswald and the School of Death (4 parts)
  2. The Fourth Wall (1 part)
  3. The Twist (3 parts)
  4. Playing House (2 parts)
  5. Terror of the Cabinet Noir (3 parts)
  6. Invasion of the Mindmorphs (2 parts)

Year Three Edit

  1. Beneath the Waves (3 parts)
  2. Interlude: The Boy With the Displaced Smile (1 part)
  3. The Wolves of Winter (3 parts)

Backup Edit

Year One Edit

  1. Untitled
  2. Planet of the Diners
  3. The Inversion of Time
  4. The Bin Dilemma
  5. The Partying of the Ways
  6. Silver Screenesis
  7. The Board Games
  8. Day of the Tune / The Meddling of Clara's Song / The Abominable Showmen/The Five Masters / One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday

Year Two Edit

  1. Epilogopolis
  2. The Day at the Doctors
  3. The Faceless Two
  4. Surfshock
  5. Planet of the Rude


  1. Me Time
  2. Dark Water
  3. Ebbing Tide
  4. Copy/Paste
  5. Sewer Monster

Issues Edit

Notes Edit

Collected editions Edit

Hardback and paperback books were published collecting stories from the series, each book reprinting five issues.

Volume Issues Title Stories Publication date
1 1-5 Terrorformer 27 May 2015
2 6-10 Fractures 7 October 2015
3 11-15 Hyperion 5 April 2016
4 2.1-2.5 The School of Death 16 August 2016
5 2.6-2.10 The Twist 24 January 2017

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