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Doctor Who (2011), published by IDW Publishing, was the second American comic book series, comprised of multiple stories, with an ongoing, original Doctor Who narrative. It was set post-The Big Bang and initially featured the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

It is considered distinct from IDW's previous "ongoing" series because it deliberately started its numbering system over with a new issue number 1. Nevertheless, there was some continuity between the two series in the form of the letters page, which printed letters about to the final issue of the Final Sacrifice storyline. The IDW website calls it Doctor Who Ongoing Volume 2, but this is purely a marketing name. It is in no way supported by the indicia of individual issues.

It ran for sixteen issues until writer Tony Lee departed. In late 2012, it was replaced by Doctor Who: Volume Three, or Doctor Who (2012).

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There was apparently a good deal of thought that went into where the series would be set. Writer Tony Lee told Comic Book Resources that they had difficulties not unlike those they experienced with the preceding Tenth Doctor series. The challenge was finding a narrative "spot" for it with which their readers would be unfamiliar.[1] Ultimately, they decided to go between series 5 and 6. This also afforded them the opportunity to tell, at least initially, stories that were "current" to audiences, as of January 2011. Thus, the initial setting of the series is definitely after the episode, The Big Bang. However, there was some ambiguity at time of launch as to where it was set relative to A Christmas Carol.

It's [set] pretty much after the [fifth] series possibly after the Christmas Special, as it comes out in January. I might have to check that, though.Writer Tony Lee[1]
Indeed, the first issue is set soon after Amy and Rory's wedding, as the two are still referencing details about the event — albeit ones not previously explored by the television series.

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