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The apparent logo for the series, taken from a print ad that was republished in The Frame #10

Doctor Who was a planned 1967 radio series that was to star Peter Cushing as a character called Dr. Who. It would have involved travelling companions Susan and Mike.

Although Cushing had portrayed Dr. Who in the Dalek movies, there is no existing information to support the notion that he was playing the same character in this series. No evidence of any contact between the producers of the Dalek movies and Stanmark & Warermill Productions, the makers of the radio series, exists. Rather, the project failed when the series pilot was rejected by the British Broadcasting Corporation alone.[1] Additionally, it's noteworthy that the existing print advertisements never mention the two recent movies, and instead heavily stress the television show — even bothering to mention the foreign markets in which the television show was available. Had the pilot succeeded, the first series would have consisted of 52 25-minute episodes. In those episodes, listeners would have heard, according to an extant print advert:

... invincible robots, giant insects and invisible robots ... Marco Polo, the American Revolution, Julius Caesar, the Neanderthal Man, the sailing of The Mayflower to the "New World" ...[2]

Footnotes Edit

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