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Doctor Who - Original Soundtrack Recording
Artist: Music by John Debney
Publisher: Super Tracks Music Group
Release date: 1997
Format: CD - 26 tracks
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Doctor Who soundtracks
The Worlds of Doctor Who Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack
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Known simply as Doctor Who - Original Soundtrack Recording, this CD was not released for public sale. In fact it notes on the back, "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT LICENSED FOR PUBLIC SALE".

There are twenty-five tracks which are all used (more or less) in Doctor Who; included is the mix of the Doctor Who theme tune, both the start and end credits theme arrangement versions.

Track list Edit

  1. Prologue: Skaro / DOCTOR WHO Theme
  2. Breakout
  3. Wimps / Doctor #7 is Shot
  4. Aftermath
  5. X-Ray / Snake in the Bathroom
  6. "Who Am I?"
  7. City Scape
  8. Time
  9. Primitive Wiring / The UnBruce
  10. Two Hearts
  11. The Tardis / True Identity
  12. Night Walk
  13. The Eye of Harmony / Half Human
  14. Until Midnight / Atomic Clock
  15. Green Eyes
  16. The Chase
  17. Beryllium Clock / Bragg's Key
  18. Slimed
  19. Under the Influence
  20. Crown of Nails
  21. Lee's Last Chance
  22. "Open The Eye"
  23. "Reroute Power!" / Temporal Orbit
  24. To Hold Death Back
  25. Farewell
  26. End Credits - DOCTOR WHO Theme

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