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Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack: The Krotons was a soundtrack CD. It featured sound effects from the Doctor Who story The Krotons.

Track listing Edit

01. Doctor Who (New Opening Theme, 1967)
02. The Learning Hall
03. Door Opens
04. Entry into the Machine
05. TARDIS (New Landing)
06. Wasteland Atmosphere
07. Machine and City Theme
08. Machine Exterior
09. Panels Open
10. Dispersal Unit
11. Sting
12. Selris' House
13. Machine Interior
14. Snake Beeps Low
15. Silver Hose (The Snake)
16. Snake Beeps High
17. Teaching Machine Hums
18. Forcefield
19. Burning Light
20. Birth of a Kroton
21. Kroton Theme
22. Kroton Dies
23. Link - Rising Hum
24. Kroton Dies (Alternative)

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