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From its launch in April 2006 Doctor Who Adventures had seen in the arrival of the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor and now after the 50th Anniversary, and broadcast of The Time of the Doctor, was preparing to embrace the next incarnation played by Peter Capaldi. With a new year Moray Laing took over as the new editor and the magazine continued its now fortnightly publication with all issues being bagged.

Still firmly aimed at a young audience its regular features included posters, fact-files (main features), collectable one page alien guides, favourite scenes (told as photo-stories), Wheres the Doctor (Search and Find), previews, reviews, behind the scenes features, questions and answers, some interviews and an assortment of quizzes, puzzles, activities and make-its (usually a cut-out mask), competitions, readers' letters, pictures, artwork and a regular comic strip.

At the start of 2014 the Eleventh Doctor continued as the lead character of the magazine.

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