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Doctor Who Annual 1977

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Doctor Who Annual 1977
Doctor Who 1977
Key crew
Publisher: World Distributors
Release details
Release date: September 1976
Format: hardback 80 pages
ISBN 7-235-0369-9
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Doctor Who annuals
Doctor Who Annual 1976 Doctor Who Annual 1978
Doctor Who Annual 1977 was the eleventh Doctor Who annual published by World Distributors. It was released on September 1976.

Overview Edit

Release Number 11
Publisher World Distributors
Released in September 1976
Priced £1.25
Format Hardback 80 pages
Featured Doctor: The Fourth Doctor
Featured Companions: Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Featured Enemies:

Contents Edit

Text stories Edit

Comic strip stories Edit

Features Edit

  • Reach for the Sky!
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Satellite!
  • The Airship Rises to Fame
  • More to It Than Meets the Eye!
  • Space Scrapbook
  • Astronauts Spell Space
  • Space Facts and Fancies
  • Skylark - Soaring High
  • Space Talk
  • Out of this World
  • Drum Beat
  • In Space
  • Mooning About
  • The Name's the Same

Puzzles Edit

  • Maze of Mystery
  • Space Has a Word For It!
  • A Space Riddle-Me-Ree
  • Pick the Planet People
  • The Terror Trail
  • Problem of the Painted Planet
  • Dr. Who's Crossword
  • Pick the Planets

Additional notes Edit

External links Edit

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