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Doctor Who Annual 1978

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Doctor Who Annual 1978
Doctor Who 1978
Key crew
Publisher: World Distributors
Release details
Release date: September 1977
Format: hardback 64 pages
ISBN 7-235-0412-1
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Doctor Who annuals
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Doctor Who Annual 1978 was the twelfth Doctor Who annual published by World Distributors. It was released on September 1977.

Overview Edit

Release Number 12
Publisher World Distributors
Released in September 1977
Priced £1.35
Format Hardback 64 pages
Featured Doctor: The Fourth Doctor, the Second Doctor (flashback cameo)
Featured Companions: Sarah Jane Smith
Featured Enemies:

Contents Edit

Text stories Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Features Edit

  • Loony Laffs
  • Mythical Monsters!
  • Apollo Manned Mission Emblems
  • Space Names
  • The Life Crystal
  • Merry Dancers of the Skies
  • Science Lends a Hand
  • Dr Who Alphabet
  • Observing the Stars
  • Orbiting Telescope
  • It's in the Stars

Puzzles Edit

  • A Race Against Time
  • Celestial Squares
  • Mystery Messages
  • Arith-Mental Interrogation
  • If
  • Problems, Problems!
  • Peaceful Solution
  • Spaceword!
  • True or False?
  • Spot the Difference
  • Escape From the Green Volcano

Additional notes Edit

  • The Doctor, as is common with early Classic Who literature, is referred to as "Doctor Who" throughout the prose narratives included within this annual.

External links Edit

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