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Located next to the Dapol toy factory, the Llangollen Doctor Who Experience was the largest Doctor Who exhibition to have ever been staged, and open continuously.

Overview Edit

Collecting props from over 30 years of props together this was one of the largest exhibitions of Doctor Who props. There was over 6,000 square foot of space dedicated to the exhibition.

Notable elements Edit

There was a huge amount of props ranging from Patrick Troughton's era as the Doctor and right through to Sylvester McCoy's time in the part.

Full props and masked costumes Edit

Other props and costumes Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Unlike some other exhibits, both previous to this and running concurrently (such as the Longleat exhibition) this exhibition was open all year round.
  • When, in 1997 Tom Baker went to New Zealand to make a series of television commercials for New Zealand Superannuation Services, he got on loan the scarf from his time as the Doctor from this museum.[9]
  • Given the range of props and costumes, many of them must have come from previous defunct exhibitions such as Doctor Who Exhibition Blackpool, Doctor Who USA Tour and the 3001 Space Adventure exhibition.
  • At least one source attests that there were Daleks from the 1960s Dalek movies and from the 1996 television movie[10] however according to another source[11] states that the Dalek props that are in this exhibition are at least in part from the 1960s (a walk-in variety) and another (black and gold) a repainted Dalek from TV: Revelation of the Daleks. From the images available there are no immediately apparent props from the 1996 TV movie.

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