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The The Twelfth Doctor Interactive Story was added after the experience was adapted in 2014 to feature the Twelfth Doctor rather that the Eleventh.

Synopsis Edit

Interact with the Twelfth Doctor.

Plot Edit

Romana II speaks to the visitors from what she says are "the final days of Gallifrey."

The visitors are being shown various artefacts (mostly from the Doctor's past) by a curator at a Gallifreyan museum. While trying to make a connection with the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS, it is attacked by Time Squids making the console room revert through its previous versions, eventually to the first. The Museum and the TARDIS are physical linked.

The visitors are then led through the museum wall into what appears to be the TARDIS' Arch-Recon room[statement unclear] and on to a TARDIS control room (visitors then land the TARDIS on Skaro), through a Dalek-infested corridor (similar in style to the Dalek Asylum). A time crystal is retrieved by one of the visitors from a Dalek but this activates a Dalek to attack. The Curator and the visitors escape into a forest infested with Weeping Angels where another crystal is found. The visitors then travel to I.M. Foreman's junkyard where another crystal is found. When the three crystals come into contact with each other it causes the time squids to be defeated. The Doctor thanks the visitors for their help, and they leave through the gate of the junkyard...

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