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Doctor Who Extra is a documentary spin-off series attached to episodes of Doctor Who. Otherwise exclusive to the BBC Red Button on television and BBC iPlayer online, the initial installment was screened in cinemas following the theatrical simulcast of the Series 8 premiere, Deep Breath. In the series 8 format, each instalment has a runtime of just over 10 minutes, similar to that of the former Confidential Cut Down. During series 9, episodes were much shorter, ranging between 1 and 2 minutes only.

Doctor Who Extra conceived as a smaller scale replacement for Doctor Who Confidential, which ended in 2011 with the Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song, having been cancelled by BBC Three. Though Confidential concluded production, plans were announced to revive it in 2013, while short behind-the-scenes features were aired in conjunction with series 7.

In August 2014, in the run-up to the premiere of series 8 and the start of Peter Capaldi's tenure as the Twelfth Doctor, the BBC announced the new behind the scenes show to accompany the series, Doctor Who Extra.[1]

A Doctor Who Extra was released for the first series 9 prequel, Prologue, on 11 September 2015. Multiple mini Doctor Who Extra episodes were then released for each episode of series 9.

Though, as of May 2017, no Doctor Who Extra accompanying series 10 was made widely available, the US theatrical release of The Pilot included an extra-length episode in this series.

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Home video releases Edit

The episodes 1 to 13 of Doctor Who Extra were released in November 2014 with the Complete Series 8 DVD.

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