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The Doctor Who Files are a series of hardback titles from BBC Children's Books published by the Penguin Group from 2006 onwards. It should not be confused with The Doctor Who Files, a series of magazine-style publications that were published in the US in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Overview Edit

All of the titles in this range so far have had a a hexagonal cut out in the cover, through which can be seen the featured character (or topic) on the inside page. They are numbered on the spine. Aimed at young readers, each title is lavishly illustrated with photographs and broken down into small sections of text under various heading with every other page (almost), having a gate-fold (fold out page) "Test your Knowledge" sections of five multiple choice questions based on the preceding prose. Every title in this series has featured a new short prose story.

Doctor Who Files Covers Edit

List of New Prose Fiction Edit

  1. "The Hero Factor" by Stephen Cole featuring the Tenth Doctor
  2. "Stamp of Approval" by Jacqueline Rayner featuring Rose Tyler
  3. "No Fun at the Fair" by Jacqueline Rayner and featuring the Slitheen
  4. "The Final Darkness" by Stephen Cole and featuring the Sycorax
  5. "Taking Mickey" by Justin Richards featuring Mickey Smith
  6. "A Dog's Life" by Justin Richards and featuring K9
  7. "Mission to Galacton" by Justin Richards featuring the Daleks
  8. "Going Off the Rails" by Justin Richards and featuring a Cyberman
  9. "Needle Point" by Justin Richards featuring Martha Jones
  10. "Best Friends" by Justin Richards featuring Jack Harkness
  11. "Birth of a Legend" by Justin Richards featuring the Cult of Skaro
  12. "The Secret of the Stones" by Justin Richards and featuring the TARDIS
  13. "Blind Terror" by Justin Richards and featuring the Sontarans
  14. "Disappearing Act" by Justin Richards and featuring the Ood
  15. "Speech Day" by Justin Richards and featuring the Master

The Doctor Who Stories (Omnibus Edition) Edit


Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Stories was an Omnibus Collector's Edition with previously unpublished content, featuring the Harold Saxon alias of the Master.

Publishers summary Edit

Fifteen favourite stories from the original Doctor Who Files. This collection also includes a never before published adventure, Speech Day, featuring the Master as his alter-ego, Harold Saxon.

Notes Edit

  • This 286 page title, a collection of all 14 stories, plus an additional 15th story, (Speech Day written by Justin Richards) was published by BBC Children's Books in September 2009 and priced £9.99 (UK) as a single, slipcase bound volume, (the same size as regular titles in the series, with a plain blue cover and silver foiled title logos).
  • The prose was presented with a slightly different layout and featured some different photographs from the series' original release.
  • Other non-prose content from the Doctor Who Files was released under the title The Doctor Who Files Collector's Edition (see also Doctor Who Illustrated Guides).

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