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Frubes pack 1

Packaging of the 9-pack

Doctor Who Frubes were a Doctor Who-branded type of Frube (American: Go-Gurt). They were produced by Yoplait, who had first created Go-Gurts for the American market in 1999.

Yoplait's promotion offered twenty-four collectible tubes of "sonic strawberry" fruit-flavoured yoghurt, with each pack containing nine of the possible designs. Additional items were placed in the packs, such as doorhangers and bookmarkers.

They were first introduced in Britain in April 2007 to tie in with series 3. The 2007 campaign was massively successful, handing Yoplait a 32% bump in Frube sales versus the previous, non-Doctor-Who-branded year. Unsurprisingly, they returned to grocers' shelves in April 2008 for a second, series 4-themed run.[1]

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Frubes Pack 1a

Frubes Judoon Bookmarker

One of the included gifts: a plasticised bookmarker

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