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Introduction by Jon Pertwee.

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originally printed TV21 11-17

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  • A Thousand years from now
  • History of Doctor Who
  • The TV World of Dr. Who
  • The Dalek Invasion

Gallery Edit

  • The Enemies of Doctor Who

Activities Edit

  • Lunar Laughs!
  • Picture Probe
  • Guess What!
  • A Dr.Who Dice Game
  • Doctor Who Quiz
  • Doctor Who Crossword
  • Can you spot the differences?

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Additional details Edit

  • It was once believed that this special had been republished with the cover image flipped horizontally. This myth originates from a photoshopped scan of the cover that has made its way into at least two published reference books, The Comic Strip Companion 1964-1979 and The Essential Doctor Who: The Master, under the misconception that it was a genuine scan. A correction for this detail is listed in the online Errata for The Comic Strip Companion and detailed in a letter by author Paul Scoones to Doctor Who Magazine, printed in issue 486. The special was published only once, with the cover image in the correct orientation.

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