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The 1974 Doctor Who Holiday Special was a Polystyle publication that was not, strictly speaking, a special edition of either TV Comic or TV Action — the two Polystyle periodicals of interest to Doctor Who fans. Instead, it was, in 21st century American terms, a "one-shot" issue that focused on Doctor Who.

It was notable for the comic strip debut of Sarah Jane Smith. More significantly, it was the only publication to ever feature comic strip stories featuring Sarah Jane alongside the Third Doctor. Though its precise publication date is unknown, it almost certainly was released either just after the debut of Jon Pertwee's swansong, or during it.

Contents Edit

Introduction by Jon Pertwee.

Interviews / Profiles Edit

  • "Sarah Jane" Heads For the Stars
A look at the facts behind the face of Doctor Who's partner-in-space.
  • Dr Who's Double-Identity!

Comic stories Edit

originally printed TV21 4-10

Articles Edit

  • Stepping into Space

Activities Edit

  • Could you... Take a trip with Dr Who?
  • Way Out Jokes
  • Dr Who's X-Word
  • Dice With Dr. Who
  • Space Probe
  • Space Oddities

Pin-ups Edit

Additional details Edit

to be added

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