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Doctor Who Magazine, originally published by Marvel UK and subsequently by Panini Comics, has featured an ongoing comic strip since its inception. A number of graphic novels, bringing together collections of its comic stories, have been released as standalone publications.

Marvel Edit

Marvel UK published two graphic novels, entitled Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer and Voyager, published as a trade paperbacks. All of the strips contained within these releases have been digitally restored and republished within the Panini Graphic Novels.

Marvel also published two DWM specials collecting classic comic strips, entitled 1985 Summer Special Classic Doctor Who and The Dalek Chronicles, and one featuring a special feature-length full-colour comic written by Colin Baker, entitled The Age of Chaos. Marvel also published a one-shot entitled Doctor Who Collected Comics, and launched a series republishing now colourised strips entitled Doctor Who Classic Comics. Of all the strips featured in these publications, only those featured in The Dalek Chronicles and The Age of Chaos have not been digitally restored and republished as part of Panini's Graphic Novels.

Virgin Edit

Though reprinting colourised stories from DWM, The Mark of Mandragora was released by Virgin Publishing. All of the strips contained within have been digitally restored and republished in the Panini Graphic Novel The Good Soldier.

Panini Edit

Specifically titled "Graphic Novels", these collections are published by Panini as trade paperbacks and include ISBNs. They feature digitally restored strips from throughout the entire history of the magazine. Unlike all of the publications detailed above, these are not out of print.

Panini also published two Special Editions, entitled The Ninth Doctor Collected Comics and The Tenth Doctor Collected Comics, which collected a small number of comics, minus any bonus features. The strips contained within were republished in the Graphic Novels.

International editions Edit

Conpart Verlag published a three volume German edition of Sixth Doctor comics in 1991.

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