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Launched in the UK (May 2008) by Magic Box International, Power Rollers was described as "a new and unique collectible game concept. It is aimed at boys and girls aged from 5-14."

Power Rollers were sold in packs of two for £1.50 (UK), and a TARDIS Rollers Box (with a detachable top) was also made available for the price of £3.50 (UK). Each TARDIS Rollers Box included a free pack of Doctor Who Power Rollers and a double sided checklist of all available Doctor Who Power Roller to collect inside.

A Power Roller is a large ball-bearing, mounted in a silver flecked coloured plastic shell featuring one of sixty different Doctor Who images on top and a side sticker displaying the Doctor Who logo, roller number and the image name.

The ball-bearing allow the Power Rollers to be freely rolled along a flat surface in one of two games suggested on the packets cover "Game 1: 'Play your Roller Closest to the Target Wins', Game 2 'Roll, Knock out your Opponents!'

To promote the Power Rollers, a packet of Doctor Who Power Rollers was given away free with Doctor Who Adventures Issue 72.


Doctor Who Power Rollers (1-60) Edit

  1. Slitheen
  2. Reaper
  3. Moxx of Balhoon
  4. Empty Child
  5. Autons
  6. Tenth Doctor
  7. Slitheen Family
  8. Captain Jack Harkness in the TARDIS
  9. Captain Jack Harkness On board
  10. Cybermen Group
  11. Scarecrow Group
  12. Thomas Kincade Brannigan
  13. K9
  14. Sycorax Leader
  15. Clockwork Man
  16. Clockwork Woman
  17. Cyberleader
  18. Cyberman
  19. Lady Cassandra
  20. Werewolf
  21. K9 "Affirmative Master"
  22. Cyberman Attacking
  23. Hoix
  24. Mickey Smith
  25. Robot Santa
  26. Sycorax Leader Unmasked
  27. Martha Jones
  28. Dalek Gold
  29. Dalek Black
  30. Tenth Doctor Aged
  31. Chantho
  32. Scarecrow
  33. The Master
  34. The TARDIS
  35. The TARDIS Console
  36. Weeping Angel Attacking
  37. Weeping Angel Eyes Concealed
  38. Jabe, Coffa and Lute
  39. The Tenth Doctor with sonic screwdriver and series logo
  40. Dalek Sec Hybrid
  41. The Face of Boe
  42. Novice Hame
  43. Judoon Unmasked
  44. Pig slave
  45. Judoon "Justice is Swift"
  46. Ood
  47. Tenth Doctor "Doctor Who Time Lord"
  48. Dalek "Exterminate"
  49. Gelth and
  50. Rose Tyler
  51. Metal spider
  52. Bannakaffalatta
  53. Donna Noble in wedding dress
  54. Empress of the Racnoss
  55. Jagrafess
  56. Slitheen Spacecraft above London
  57. Toclafane
  58. Krillitane, Red
  59. Tenth Doctor
  60. Judoon Uniformed

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