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Doctor Who The Official Annual 2009 was published in 2008.

Overview Edit

Release Number 3
Publisher BBC Children's Books,UK
Released in August 2008
ISBN: 978-1-40590-427-8
Priced £6.99 (UK)
Format Hardback 94 pages
Featured Doctor: The Tenth Doctor
Featured Companions: Donna Noble
Featured Enemies: Various

Contents Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi
Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi
Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi

Text stories Edit

Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi
Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi

Features Edit

Partners in Crime
The Sarah Jane Adventures
Sontaran Sontar-ha!
The Library
Ood The Circle must be broken
  • Intergalactic Guide to Planets and Places:
The Ood-Sphere
  • Know Your Enemy (full page feature):
Max Capricorn
The Hath

Additional features Edit

  • Puzzle: Wordplay: Super Sonic
  • Puzzle: Monster Mash
  • Puzzle: Maze Trapped
  • Quiz: Time Lord True or False
  • Puzzle: Cosmic Crossword
  • Puzzle: Maze: Destination: Earth
  • Quiz: Where in the Universe are we?
  • Make: Ood T-shirt
  • Counter and Dice Game: Time Trap
  • Sonic Drawing Page

Credits Edit

  • Editor: to be added
  • Designer: to be added
  • Frontispiece uses graphics by (not stated)

Additional notes Edit

  • This year's release followed the format (and success), of recent years, with two releases: the Doctor Who The Official Annual 2009 (published by BBC Children's Books) and the Doctor Who Storybook 2009 (published by Panini). While the latter presented a series of short illustrated fiction stories, the former concentrated on the lighter side of activities, games, puzzles and, once again, all new, comic strip stories.
  • Released in the UK following the fourth television series (with the Tenth Doctor) the cover featured a large shiny foil cover with the Tenth Doctor and the Supreme Dalek on the front and Davros on the back cover.
  • Of particular note is the increased page count, the addition of a third comic strip story, a second prose story, posters with an unobtrusive "cut" line near the spine, pitched at a slightly older audience, more features than before including The Sarah Jane Adventures and, best of all, all for the same price as last year! This is destined to be a bigger seller than even last years!
  • Individual page credits are given on the title page but are not complete.
  • Early prototype cover shows the tenth doctor and three of the same sontaran (General Staal) on the cover

External links Edit

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