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You may be looking for IDW's 2012 Doctor Who Annual.

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012 was the British Doctor Who annual published by BBC Children's Books. As with all British annuals, it was actually published in the year prior the cover date and therefore commemorated series 6, rather than the series broadcast in 2012.


Release Number 6
Publisher BBC Children's Books,UK
Released in August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-40590-798-9
Priced £7.99 (UK)
Format Hardback 62 pages
Featured Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Featured Companions: Amy Pond and Rory Williams
Featured Enemies: Various


Comic strip story

Text stories/fiction


Page posters

Additional features

  • Puzzle: Letter Home (find the monsters) written by Natasha Klus
  • Puzzle Word Swirl
  • Puzzle: The Siren's Call (boardgame)
  • Puzzle: Find the Flesh (Odd One Outs)
  • Puzzle: Double the Fun (Wordsearch)


  • Editor: to be added
  • Designer: to be added

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