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Doctor Who The Official Annual 2015 was the British Doctor Who annual published by BBC Children's Books in September 2014.

Overview Edit

Release Number 9
Publisher BBC Children's Books,UK
Released in September 2014
ISBN: 978-1-405-91756-8
Priced £7.99 (UK)
Format Hardback 62 pages
Featured Doctor: Twelfth Doctor
Featured Companions: Clara Oswald

Contents Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Text stories/fiction Edit

Features Edit

Additional features Edit

  • Puzzle: Where's the Doctor?
  • Puzzle TARDIS trouble (spot the difference)
  • Puzzle: Secret Cyber code
  • Puzzle: Spot the Difference
  • Puzzle: Hidden Horrors (word search)
  • Puzzle: Underground Trap! (maze)
  • Doctor Who Quiz
  • Game: Inside the Dalek

Additional Notes Edit

  • Priced at £7.99, (UK) this annual had a page count reduced from the previous year's bumper release.
  • Contains a competition to design a Top Trumps card featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

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