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Are We Ever Alone? - 'Listen' Preview - Doctor Who - Series 8 - BBC00:30

Are We Ever Alone? - 'Listen' Preview - Doctor Who - Series 8 - BBC

Do as you're told: Listen.

Last time, on Doctor Who
DOCTOR WHO Ep 3 Sneak Peek The Doctor & Clara Meet Robin Hood! - Sept 6 BBC AMERICA00:48

DOCTOR WHO Ep 3 Sneak Peek The Doctor & Clara Meet Robin Hood! - Sept 6 BBC AMERICA

As we found out recently, there's clearly no such person as Robin Hood.


Doctor...will you help me? - Into the Dalek Preview - Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2 2014 - BBC One

Getting into the Dalek proved problematic for the Doctor.

A doctor of art

Doctor Who was always meant to be partly educational. So it's only natural, as we begin a new Doctor's era, that we here at Tardis attempt a little education — provided from our brand new Doctor. Here, in a short video from the Tate Museum, former art student and Oscar® winner, Peter Capaldi, delves into the mysteries of the surrealist movement.

Unlock Art Exploring the Surreal05:07

Unlock Art Exploring the Surreal

Parents: One image may not be appropriate for very small children. Surrealism deals in part with the abstract representation of sexuality.

Brand new Doctor, same old rules

We define spoiler to be any information — be it narrative or behind-the-scenes — which surrounds any story in any medium that has not yet been released. It doesn't matter if the source is The Sun or the British Broadcasting Corporation — it's a violation of our policies to write about un-released stories, or the casting and crewing of those adventures.

Remember, we're not a news site. We're an encyclopaedia. Our focus is on what has already happened in the DWU, not what is to come.

In order to uphold this policy in 2014, we will occasionally have to restrict editing to only those people who have accounts. If you want to guarantee yourself the ability to edit once Peter Capaldi starts his run, we strongly recommend that you sign up for a totally free account today.

For clarity, information about the second episode of the series is not allowed before 30 August 2014 at roughly 9pm BST.

This means that even if you're lucky enough to see the first episode in cinemas during the World Tour period, you can't edit about it here until after its BBC One premiere.

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