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Making a big change to Wikia's layout is hard work. And because we're a community, we like to take the advice of big sites like Tardis. So thank you for all the feedback you gave during the recent test period of an article prototype.

Coming to terms with regeneration - Doctor Who Castrovalva - BBC01:13

Coming to terms with regeneration - Doctor Who Castrovalva - BBC

Regeneration ain't easy

Because of your voluminous feedback, Wikia were able to make a lot of positive discoveries. Your feedback will help ultimately help us break through to the next phase of the project. Everyone here at Tardis was super awesome during the test period!

We're now going back to our previous skin until called upon again to help with more beta testing!
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Doctor Who is a "family franchise", which means there's something in it for all ages.
It does not mean that all content is appropriate for all ages.

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