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You don't know it, but we've been running a contest since 23 August. See that list of top editors to the right? It's been calculating your edits since the premiere of Deep Breath. And it'll keep on doing that until Friday 3 October. Whoever is at the top of the list — that is, whoever has made the most edits in the main namespace — will win this great TARDIS bag from this year's San Diego Comic Con!

And if you feel like you're a little late to the party, don't worry. We're having another editing contest for the second half of the series, too! And here's a head's up for that contest: it runs from 26 September until the Friday after the series 8 finale in November. So your edits from 26 September to 3 October count in both contests!

[You'll probably want to read these rules first though, cause they govern the current contest, and are basically true of the next one.]

Go live with some otters

DOCTOR WHO Ep 6 Sneak Peek The Doctor's Working at Clara's School?! - Sept 27 BBC AMERICA01:33

DOCTOR WHO Ep 6 Sneak Peek The Doctor's Working at Clara's School?! - Sept 27 BBC AMERICA

The value of a good janitorial staff should never be underestimated.

Last time, on Doctor Who
Meet the Gang! - 'Time Heist' Preview - Doctor Who Series 8 - BBC01:17

Meet the Gang! - 'Time Heist' Preview - Doctor Who Series 8 - BBC

If you're going to rob a bank, it's important to trust your co-conspirators.

Are We Ever Alone? - 'Listen' Preview - Doctor Who - Series 8 - BBC00:30

Are We Ever Alone? - 'Listen' Preview - Doctor Who - Series 8 - BBC

Do as you're told: Listen.

Brand new Doctor, same old rules

We define spoiler to be any information — be it narrative or behind-the-scenes — which surrounds any story in any medium that has not yet been released. It doesn't matter if the source is The Sun or the British Broadcasting Corporation — it's a violation of our policies to write about un-released stories, or the casting and crewing of those adventures.

Remember, we're not a news site. We're an encyclopaedia. Our focus is on what has already happened in the DWU, not what is to come.

In order to uphold this policy in 2014, we will occasionally have to restrict editing to only those people who have accounts. If you want to guarantee yourself the ability to edit once Peter Capaldi starts his run, we strongly recommend that you sign up for a totally free account today.

For clarity, information about any episode of the series is not allowed before roughly 9pm British time on the Saturday of transmission.

We will honour that deadline in our social media feeds, as well. And we will never give away major spoilers in social media. But if you live in, say, Alaska, yore going to be a few hours behind London. Our editing restrictions end before you will have seen the current episode. Plan accordingly.

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