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Remembrance of the TVC.
Remembrance of the TVC.

Stories are our primary sources. Not BBC press announcements.

On this site, the very core of our spoiler policy is that we wait for a story to be released before posting any information about it. So if the BBC were to announce crucial casting or crewing information, and even if they were to do it on television in a massively public way, that information cannot appear on this site until the story affected by such an announcement were broadcast.

As is said in many places on this site, if you post spoilers about stories that are yet to come — such as, but not limited to, the anniversary special and the 2013 Christmas special — your editing privileges will be revoked.

This site is about Doctor Who's past, not its future. Taking this stance allows all users — regardless of their definition of the word spoiler — to work towards a common goal. So whatever you might have heard about Doctor Who in August 2013 is not allowed until later in the year.

Times, they are a-changin'

Over the next month or so, the front page will undergo a face lift which we hope will make our content super easy to find! And we'll be finishing up all those little formatting issues that are lingering after our 1Q 2013 overhaul to make the site more accessible to those with visual acuity issues. By June, all those colour issues that are currently driving you crazy — like illegible headers on some tables — will be cleared up. If you do see things that need addressing, please help us out by noting them at the bulletin board of colour problems that need fixing.

We also invite you to stop by the Panopticon right now to participate in a number of important discussions that will change the wiki.

The Doctor meets Gurney - Doctor Who The Infinite Quest - BBC(04:03)
Featured video: Animated Doctor Who! Ten and Martha to the 2D rescue! It's The Infinite Quest, kids!
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While the front page is under construction, though, we thought we'd resurrect a bit of interactivity and give you a chance to give some fun feedback. We've already tried one poll since the finalé, and — wow! — what an overwhelming response! 3865 people voted. Of them, a whopping 2321 thought that the question, "Who is Clara Oswald?" had the best answer. The River Song mystery came in second with 1409, but Lucie Miller and Majenta Pryce had only about 150 votes between them.

So now that we've settled that pretty conclusively, let's try something new:

This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

We were founded on 11 November 2004 and are currently working on 40,060 articles.
If you need help with anything, please feel free to contact an administrator

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Article of the minute

Formerly a member of the Crimson Hand, Majenta Pryce destroyed the Skith home world before having her memory wiped by Fanson. Following her mind-wipe she ran a successful hotel chain known as Hotel Historia following the economic situation created by the Last Great Time War, Price moved her operations to 21st century Earth. The Tenth Doctor encountered her whilst investigating 41st century London. He prevented her escape when the Graxnix invaded her hotel and she was captured by her debtors. Read more...
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Quote of the minute

Fifth Doctor: It's quite simple. On the off behind the wicket and close to it are the slips. Behind them, third man.
Turlough: (sarcastically) Easy.
Fifth Doctor: It's a position. Like mid-off.
Turlough: Silly.
Fifth Doctor: No, no, no. Silly mid-off's different altogether.
Turlough: I meant it's silly. The whole game. I can't think why you're so keen on it, Doctor.
Fifth Doctor: Well you know, every man should have a hobby. It helps to while away eternity.
AUDIO: Phantasmagoria
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Fast Facts

Do you know your assistant directors? Sure, you might be able to rattle off directors — but how's your knowledge of the people who are really on the front lines of Doctor Who production. Read more about the working class stiffs who go by the enigmatic titles of 1st AD, 2nd AD and 3rd AD.

Come back next week for another list of fast facts!

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Real world
On our wiki, the world we actually live in is called the "real world" . As such, information about the production of Doctor Who and her sister shows are in this category. This includes pages about the actual televised episodes themselves, the behind-the-scenes personnel, terminology used by the production teams, and merchandise related to the shows.
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The Time-Space Visualiser is the place where most of this wiki's pages reside. All the articles are written from an in-universe perspective, quite different to what you might be used to on Wikipedia. Here you'll find information related to The Doctor, his companions, Other individuals, astronomical objects, time travel, species, locations, science, culture, and a whole host of other subjects.
Non-DWU material
Notwithstanding writer Paul Cornell's famous comments that denounced the concept of "canon" in Doctor Who, our canon policy does deem a few things to be outside the Doctor Who universe. For examples, visit: stories, characters, technology, species, and locations.
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This category contains articles having to do with the actual running of the wiki. It's full of all those little pages that help the wiki work. As such, it isn't accessed often by most users. However, more advanced editors might wish to peruse the templates category for ways to make their editing easier. Or if you're looking for a place to start editing on the wiki, you might want to look at articles that need updating, major expansion, general copy-editing, sectional cleanup, and re-writing from an in-universe perspective.

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