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Ly-Chee, sometimes ironically called "Ly-Chee the Wise", was an old hermit from the planet Tora who became the Seventh Doctor's companion for an ill-defined period of time. Prior to meeting the Time Lord, Ly-Chee had lived in a mountain cave for over thirty Toran years, during which time he had dedicated himself to the search for the Holy Number of Nirvana. The Doctor solved the mathematical puzzle in just a few days, bringing Ly-Chee's life's work to an abrupt halt. Now effectively out of work, Ly-Chee asked to go back down the mountain side so as to drown his sorrows at a bar. The Doctor offered him a trip to town in the TARDIS, and the two ended up travelling together for a while. Read more...
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Ian Chesterton: Yes, but are you sure he’s doing everything he can? I’ve been thinking about it a lot. We don’t have any way of checking on him.
Barbara Wright: Are you suggesting he’s deliberately keeping us here? Oh, Ian, after all we’ve been through – he’s tried and tried –
Ian: I don’t know what I’m suggesting. I just think we should try to learn something about how the TARDIS works. Then we’ll know what to think.
Barbara: I can’t believe that the Doctor would deceive us about something so important. Why do you think he’s so upset about leaving Susan? He could go back and see her any time he liked if the TARDIS was working properly.
Ian: I don’t see that the Doctor’s particularly upset. He told Susan he would be back, remember. Maybe he can visit her whenever he likes. Maybe he could take us back to London, 1963, right now if he wanted to. I’d just like to know.
PROSE: Venusian Lullaby
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