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The 1977 Doctor Who Winter Special was a Polystyle publication released for the winter of 1977. It had no original content, outside of a single short story and a couple of non-fictional articles. The bulk of the publication featured comics that had previously been printed. They weren't strictly reprints, however, because all the stories had originally featured the Third Doctor. For this publication the image of the Fourth Doctor was inserted in his place, making it possible to call these stories either Third or Fourth Doctor adventures.

Contents Edit

Stories Edit

Comic stories Edit

There are no original comics in this volume. Instead, Polystyle reprinted Third Doctor comics, inserting the image of the Fourth Doctor. These "retrofitted reprints" were: The Labyrinth, The Threat from Beneath, The Spoilers and Who is the Stranger.

Short stories Edit

This volume's sole original work was the short story, The Living Wax, featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela. It was illustrated using photographs taken from The Masque of Mandragora and The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

Articles Edit

  • Marathon Machines, an article about creating hugely fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Shuttling out of the Seventies, a mutli-article "series" about the wonder of the then-new American space shuttle.
    • Space Shuttle
    • The Crew

Activities Edit

Notes Edit

  • There is a glaring mistake on the front cover, where the words "MIGHTY TV COMIC'S" appear below the publication's title instead of being above it.

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