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Doctor Who and the Daleks was the title given to a series of six five-minute featurettes broadcast as part of the repeat showing of Planet of the Daleks in November/December 1993.

One featurette prefaced each episode of Planet of the Daleks, which had been selected to represent Doctor Who for its 30th Anniversary and was scheduled to run on Friday evenings on BBC One (shown by BBC Scotland on BBC Two), having been designed to fill out the first five minutes of the required half-hour timeslots. There was a one-week break between Planet of the Daleks episodes three and four due to the BBC's annual Children in Need appeal on 26 November.

Only two of the featurettes have been made available commercially as DVD extras, with The Antique Doctor Who Show and UNIT Recruiting Film appearing on the releases of Horror of Fang Rock and Spearhead from Space respectively. The other four remain off-limits for DVD due to a variety of copyright and clearance problems — for example, Bigger Inside Than Out used newsreel footage that would be very expensive, if not impossible, to clear for commercial release.

The transmission dates of the Doctor Who and the Daleks featurettes were as follows:

(5 November 1993)
A history of the police box. Narrated by Colin Baker.
(12 November 1993)
Collectables expert Justin Pressland and Doctor Who expert David J. Howe speak to fans about their collections of Doctor Who memorabilia in a pastiche of Antiques Roadshow (1979-ongoing).
(19 November 1993)
The story behind the destruction of old Doctor Who episodes junked by the BBC archives in the 1970s, and the efforts made by fans to track down copies of the lost episodes and return them. Narrated by Nicholas Courtney.
(3 December 1993)
Interviews with actors who brought to life some of Doctor Who's most famous monsters. Featuring John Scott Martin, Pat Gorman and Stuart Fell.
(Also sometimes known as Crimefile - The Master)
(10 December 1993)
Shaw Taylor presents a pastiche of his long-running five-minute ITV crime prevention series Police 5 (1962-1990), warning viewers to be on the lookout for a dangerous individual known as the Master.
(17 December 1993)
The narrator of the film, a UNIT soldier (voice: Dexter Fletcher), tells of his experiences serving in this international military/scientific taskforce, while Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (voice: Nicholas Courtney) tells the story of UNIT's beginnings and encourages the public to “unite with UNIT and save the world”.
Note: At the end of this featurette, a telephone number, 071 757 7047, was given on-screen (which has been edited out for DVD) for anyone interested in joining UNIT. Those who did call the number heard a recorded message from Nicholas Courtney in character as the Brigadier, who congratulated the caller on passing what was actually a UNIT initiative test, before announcing the news that The Green Death was to be repeated on BBC Two in the New Year.
(Please note: the aforementioned telephone number is now no longer valid.)

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