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Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror was a 2D platformer computer game featuring the Sixth Doctor and Splinx.

Summary Edit

The Master has obtained a TIRU, a device with the ability to chop and splice time, allowing him to rearrange events in the universe. He has held up in the "Mines of Terror" on Rijar, where Heatonite, a mysterious compound vital to the construction of a TIRU, is mined.

The Time Lords send the Doctor to the mining complex. As an emissary of the Time Lords he may not bring any weapons, but he does have a highly sophisticated robot cat called Splinx.

Searching around the mines, labs and other mazes, the Doctor and Splinx collected various objects to confront and defeat the Master.[1]

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References Edit

  • In the second level, the Doctor can interact with a small penguin. While it goes unnamed, it is likely a reference to Frobisher.

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