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Doctor Who and the Pescatons (audio story)

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Doctor Who and the Pescatons
DW and the Pescatons Argo record cover
Novelised as: The Pescatons
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Sarah
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Argo Records
Writer: Victor Pemberton
Director: Don Norman
Release details
Release date: July 1976
Record album
Cassette tape
ISBN 0-563-52764-1

Doctor Who and the Pescatons was the first original, officially licensed audio drama based upon Doctor Who. Originally released by Argo Records, the story featured Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen, as the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. It was divided into two episodes, complete with opening and closing themes, simulating the televised series.

Discounting a couple of radio appearances and an LP version of Genesis of the Daleks with added narration, The Pescatons was the last time that Baker participated in an original Doctor Who audio drama until the Hornets' Nest arc in 2009.

The story was unusual because of its first-person perspective. Though first-person narratives weren't entirely without precedent — the earlier Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks had been written from Ian Chesterton's point of view — this was the first time that a story had been told from the Doctor's perspective, similar to Big Finish Productions' Companion Chronicles series. Until 2010's Dead Air, it remained the only original story narrated by the Doctor himself.

It was also unusual for its depiction of a genocide devised and led by Sarah and the Doctor, without either character displaying even a tinge of remorse.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor and his companion Sarah Jane battle against some of the most heinous foes to emerge from the outer universe: The Pescatons. The Doctor finds himself in the capital city of London, where the population is bewildered and trembling beneath the violent onslaught of a merciless invader.

Who or what is the mighty Zor, whose green slanting luminous eyes glare out from the dark of night like giant emeralds? What is the powerful alien force that is bringing Earth's civilisation to a standstill, threatening to annihilate everything in its path?

This is the story of a dying Planet, of a Deadly Weed, and the merciless Creatures themselves. It is a Challenge to the Doctor—a frightening race against time...

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  • Doctor Who and the Pescatons was released to capitalise on the success of the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.
  • Bill Mitchell (Zor) filmed a scene for TV: Frontier in Space in which he played a 26th century newscaster. While the scene was cut from the televised version of the story, it was included in the novelisation PROSE: Doctor Who and the Space War.
  • Unusually, the Doctor here calls the Pescatons "evil" on many occasions. This characterisation of another species is atypical for the Doctor. Indeed, it lays the foundation for another extraordinary feature of the story: the Doctor and Sarah devise and participate in the remorseless genocide of the Pescatons.

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This story has been released several times on both cassette and audio CD.

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