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Doctor Who and the Web of Fear (novelisation)

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Doctor Who and the Web of Fear
Web of Fear novel
Based on: The Web of Fear
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companion(s): Jamie, Victoria
Main enemy: The Great Intelligence, the Yeti
Main setting: The London Underground, circa 1970s
Key crew
Publisher: [[publisher::Target Books, W. H. Allen and Co. Ltd. UK]]
Writer: Terrance Dicks
Release details
Release number: 72 (given to later editions)
Release date: 19 August 1976
Format: Hardcover and paperback editions; 14 Chapters, 127 Pages
ISBN 0-426-11084-6
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Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World Fury from the Deep

Doctor Who and the Web of Fear was a novelisation based on the 1968 television serial The Web of Fear.

Publisher's summary Edit

1976 edition Edit

Forty Years the Yeti had been quiet - Collector’s item in a museum. Then without warning it awoke - and savagely murdered.

At about the same time patches of mist began to appear in Central London. People who lingered anytime in the mist were found dead, their faces smothered in cobwebs. The cobweb seeped down, penetrating the Underground System. Slowly it spread….

Then the Yeti reappeared, not just one but hordes, roaming the misty streets and cobwebbed tunnels, killing everyone in their path. Central London was gripped tight in a Web of Fear…

Chapter titles Edit

  1. Return of Evil
  2. The Web in Space
  3. The Monster in the Tunnels
  4. Danger for the Doctor
  5. Battle with the Yeti
  6. The Terror of the Web
  7. Escape from the Web
  8. Return of the Yeti
  9. Kidnapped!
  10. Danger Above Ground
  11. 'I want your mind.'
  12. The Fall of the Fortress
  13. Captives of the Intelligence
  14. The Final Duel

Deviations from televised story Edit

  • Julius Silverstein is renamed "Emil Julius" in order to remove the offensive Jewish stereotype.
  • The cliffhanger ending which saw the TARDIS crew holding on to the ship so they wouldn't fall into the time vortex from The Enemy of the World is not resolved. The first appearance of the TARDIS crew is when the Doctor and Jamie are arguing over the light on the console.

Writing and publishing notes Edit

  • The cover and information from the original Target Books edition featured the artwork of Chris Achilleos.
  • The first edition cover marked the last time an image of the Second Doctor would appear on a Target Books novelisation cover until The Power of the Daleks was novelised in 1993.

Additional cover images Edit

British publication history Edit

First publication:

  • Hardback
W.H.Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback


1983 W.H. Allen with a new cover by Andrew Skilleter priced £1.25 (UK)
1993 Virgin Publishing with a new cover by Alistair Pearson priced £3.50 (UK)

Editions published outside Britain Edit

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