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The 2008 Doctor Who at the Proms was broadcast on 27 July 2008. It was the first Doctor Who related Prom.

Synopsis Edit

A selection of classical favourites with a strong flavour of time and space. Join Freema Agyeman (aka Martha Jones), and others from the Doctor Who cast, for an intergalactic musical adventure - with a little help from Daleks, Cybermen and other aliens from the series!

Programme Edit

Act 1
Concert Prologue - Murray Gold
Music of the Spheres- Doctor Who Mini Episode
Act 2

Cast Edit

Music crew Edit

Crew Edit

List of music Edit

Song Composed by Conductor Performed by Length Notes
Concert PrologueMurray GoldBen Foster 3 minutes|
"Fanfare for the Common Man"Aaron CoplandStephen BellBBC Philharmonic
All the Strange Strange CreaturesMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
The Torino ScaleMark-Anthony TurnageStephen BellBBC Philharmonic
The Planets - JupiterGustav HolstStephen BellBBC Philharmonic
The Doctor ForeverMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
RoseMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Martha vs. the MasterMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Music of the SpheresMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Die Walküre - The Ride of the ValkyriesWagnerStephen BellBBC Philharmonic
The Daleks & DavrosMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Donna / Girl in the Fireplace / AstridMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
'Montagues and Capulets' from Romeo and JulietProkofievStephen BellBBC Philharmonic
This is GallifreyMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
The Doctor's Theme / Song of FreedomMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
DoomsdayMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Song for TenMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic
Doctor Who themeMurray GoldBen FosterBBC Philharmonic

Story notes Edit

Ratings Edit

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Home video releases Edit

DVD & Blu-ray releases Edit

The concert was released on DVD and Blu-Ray along with The Next Doctor in 2010. However, the concert is scaled down to 60 minutes on the DVD and Blu-Ray, with "Fanfare for the Common Man", "Montagues and Capulets", "The Ride of the Valkyries", "The Torino Scale", "The Planets – Jupiter" and "Song for Ten" all omitted from the DVD.

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