Documentary title cards are title screens for documentaries relating to Doctor Who. This is an incomplete list of them alongside their title cards. They are organised by format, Doctor and related episode.

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There have been various documentaries about Doctor Who over the years, with a considerable number of new ones featuring as part of the BBC DVD range. The 2005 revival of the series has been accompanied by a documentary series entitled Doctor Who Confidential.

The documentaries often cover various themes. For example: series and era overviews, looks at cast/crew, documentaries regarding restoration, overviews of monsters/villains, and documentaries that are specific to that story.

2|entertain produced all the DVD documentaries released after 2005. 2|entertain was formed by the merging of BBC Video and Video Collection International. Woolworths also bought into the company, owning 40% of it.

However, after Woolworths went into administration, 2|entertain became solely BBC property after BBC Worldwide purchased the 40% share for £17 million pounds. Despite these changes, it continued to release products under the 2|entertain banner.

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