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Over the decades, numerous logos have been used for the Doctor Who televised series.

Television Edit

1960s Edit

Logo one Edit

Doctor Who logo 1

Logo One

Used from 1963-1967, An Unearthly Child - The Moonbase (seasons 1 to 4)

The first logo was simply the words "DOCTOR WHO" written in block capital sans serif white text against a black background. The relative weight and size of the two words were arranged to keep both the same width, with emphasis placed on the word "WHO" by use of a heavier, more elongated typeface than that used for "DOCTOR". It is associated with William Hartnell's tenure as the First Doctor, but remained in use for Patrick Troughton's first few stories up through to The Moonbase. A modified version with the BBC logo added was used for The Day of the Doctor. As of 2013, it is the only logo to be used for more than two Doctors.

Logo One saw some use on merchandising such as Doctor Who annual and the Frederick Muller novelisations, the latter utilising a variant of the logo in which the WHO is shown fuzzy and distorted. Much later, in the 1980s, Marvel Comics combined Logo One with elements of Logo Four for its Doctor Who comic book.

Logo two Edit


Logo Two

Used from 1967–1969, The Macra Terror - The War Games (seasons 4 to 6)

This logo made its first appearance with The Macra Terror. Simple block capital lettering was used again, but presented in Times New Roman; using the same font for both words severely diminished the differential emphasis from Logo One. A completely new "howlaround" pattern was created and Patrick Troughton's face was added for the first time. Initially it used the same music as the previous logo, but starting from Episode 2 of The Faceless Ones, a new arrangement of the theme replaced the old one.

Logo Two does not appear to have been widely used on merchandising, though it did appear on the record release Doctor Who: Variations on a Theme years later.

1970s Edit

Logo three Edit

Doctor Who logo Pertwee logo

Logo Three

Used from 1970–1973, Spearhead from Space - The Green Death (seasons 7 to 10)

This logo marks the beginning of a modern visual identity for the programme, being much more of a distinct logotype than previous versions. Instead of following classical serif or sans serif forms, the lettering in this version has been uniquely styled for the programme. As with Logo One the relative sizing and placement of the words "DOCTOR" and "WHO" foregrounds "WHO" in a trait which would remain through all future logos until the series' revival in 2005.

Primarily associated with Jon Pertwee's time as the Third Doctor, this logo was also used as the basis for Logo Eight in 1996 for Doctor Who: The TV Movie. While the title sequence was shown in colour in order to achieve an effect similar to the previous sequence, it was originally designed in black and white.

Logo four Edit

Doctor Who diamond logo

Logo Four

Used from 1973–1980, The Time Warrior - The Horns of Nimon (seasons 11 to 17)

Known informally as the "diamond logo" and commonly associated with Tom Baker's time as the Fourth Doctor, Logo Four was actually introduced during Jon Pertwee's time as the Third Doctor for his final season. Although known as the diamond logo, in fact the diamond-shaped background was often omitted when the logo was used on books and other merchandise. In addition, while generally displayed on screen with a bluish tint (as displayed at right), on merchandise different colours were used for the lettering and background.

The logo returned to service in the 1980s and 1990s when it was used for video releases of the series (in lieu of Logos Five and Six), as well as for the Virgin Missing Adventures book line. It also ultimately replaced Logo Seven on most tie-in publications and merchandising, though not the Virgin New Adventures book series, in the two-three years immediately preceding the introduction of Logo Eight.

More recently, Logo Four returned to service in 2009 for use on BBC Audio's new series of Fourth Doctor adventures.

The non-diamond Target Books variant of this logo has the distinction of being the first and only series logo to be acknowledged in an in-universe context. The audio drama AUDIO: The Kingmaker includes references to a series of books, Doctor Who Discovers (an in-joke reference to a real-world series of books of the same title. The cover art for the audio incorporates the cover of one of these books, including Logo Four.

1980s Edit

Logo five Edit

Doctor Who logo 5

Logo Five

Used from 1980–1984, The Leisure Hive - The Caves of Androzani (seasons 18 to 21)

Introduced in the final season of Tom Baker's era, this revamp of the logo complemented the new title sequence of a "star field", as well as the first non-Delia Derbyshire arrangement of the theme, replacing the arrangement in place since 1967. It was used throughout Peter Davison's time as the Fifth Doctor. When the title sequence was modified to include Peter Davison's face, the logo was re-animated in the same pattern, but it was noticeabley cleaner than the original with the fringeing round the edges having been removed. This logo is known colloquially as the "neon sign" or "neon tube" logo.

Logo six Edit


Logo Six

Used from 1984-1986. The Twin Dilemma - The Ultimate Foe (seasons 21 to 23)

Introduced as Colin Baker took the role of the Sixth Doctor, the previous logo was maintained, but was tinted purple along with the rest of the title sequence giving it a more colourful hue. It also takes on a slightly curved appearance. This version of the logo was almost exclusively used on TV, with merchandising and books from the Colin Baker era using Logo Five.

Logo seven Edit

Doctor Who logo 7

Logo Seven

Used from 1987–1989, Time and the Rani - Survival (seasons 24 to 26)

For Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor, a new title sequence was produced using computer-generated imagery, with the new logo being a three-dimensionally animated part of the title sequence. Following the TV series' end in 1989 this logo would continue to be used for the Virgin New Adventures novels and other merchandise including Doctor Who Magazine until the early 1990s when it was replaced on most products (except the New Adventures books) by the more famous Logo Four. It was also used for BBC Video's "Years" series of retrospective VHS releases in the early 1990s, and for the 1993 special Dimensions in Time, which remains its final TV use.

1990s Edit

Logo eight Edit

Doctor Who TV Movie Titles

Logo Eight

Used in 1996 for Doctor Who

This logo was used for Doctor Who: The TV Movie, with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and is essentially a modified version of Logo Three. Colouring is changed and a metallic texture has been applied. Some letters are slightly reshaped from those in the early-70s version (most noticeably C, T, R, and W) and - unlike Logo Three - it is presented as a solid three-dimensional object in space (echoing Logo Seven). During the TV Movie's credits, the logo is briefly viewed from the rear.

Following the TV Movie it was used as part of BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures: from The Eight Doctors to Autumn Mist it was silver, then from Interference - Book One onwards was blue. It was also used for the BBC Past Doctor Adventures novels (again starting off silver and then changing to blue).

During the 40th anniversary year of 2003, a variation of this logo appeared on some merchandise: The "H" in "WHO" was modified to form a "4", creating "W40". This was used, for example, on classic series DVDs released in Australia during 2003. Another variation of this logo was used for merchandising during the 50th anniversary year, with the interior of the logo styled to feature the time vortex from the 1963 title sequence.

Although it was replaced when the series was revived in 2005, this logo remains the franchise's official logo on merchandise such as books, DVDs, and audio releases (including the Big Finish Productions line, but not AudioGO's Fourth Doctor line) which relate to the first eight Doctors. The logo has now been in continuous use in one form or another since 1996, making it the longest-running logo.[1]

In 2009, the Canadian Doctor Who Information Network news page reported that BBC Video was considering replacing Logo Eight with the new Logo Eleven on its classic-series DVD releases. As of early 2011, there has been no indication of such a change happening and cover art released for DVD and audio releases into mid-May continue to show Logo Eight.

2000s Edit

Logo nine Edit


Logo Nine (Series 1 and 2)

Used from 2005-2010, Rose - The End of Time (series 1 to 4)

For the first time the two words of the title are presented horizontally rather than vertically, and the new design was initially controversial with some fans. This logo was used for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant's tenures as the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

In The Runaway Bride, an updated version of the logo was introduced in the title sequence. The lettering is considerably more squat than that used in Series 1 and 2. Variations of this logo have also been used for various merchandising and promotions (including Doctor Who Magazine, BBC trailers, the BBC Tenth Doctor Adventures book line, comic books, and in a modified form in the supplementary series Doctor Who Confidential. Variations include changing the shield to off-white or grey, with black lettering, a more flat gold or olive colouring for the shield, and occasional dark colouring of the shield with white lettering.

10th title HD

Logo Nine (Series 3 and 4)

A variant of this logo, without the colour background, was used by Doctor Who Magazine from 2005 to 2008, and also for its ongoing series of Special issues up to 2010.

Logo Nine was used for the last time on television for TV: The End of Time Part 2, broadcast on 1 January 2010. Soon after, the BBC began releasing promotional material for the Eleventh Doctor featuring a new logo (see below). Doctor Who Magazine used its version of the logo for the last time with Issue #416, published on 12 December 2009. The Doctor Who Adventures also changed in March 2010, in order to accompany the new Doctor and Logo change.

The logo was not completely phased out right away, however, as several pieces of merchandise, including Tenth Doctor audios from BBC Audio, a Quick Reads novel and the American Doctor Who Ongoing comic book series continued to use the logo into April 2010.

As of 2013, the Doctor Who DVD Files magazine series is the only Doctor Who merchandise to continue using the logo. It is also still used on the BBC Doctor Who The Classic Series website.

2010s Edit

Logo ten Edit


Logo Ten (Series 5)

Used from 2010-, The Eleventh Hour (series 5 onwards)

The BBC unveiled a new version of the logo on 6 October 2009 to coincide with the start of Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor in 2010. Unlike any previous visual identity, Logo Ten comprises two distinct elements which can be presented in different arrangements for different purposes: the words "DOCTOR" and "WHO" comprise one element with a "DW" icon motif representing the shape of the TARDIS making up the second element.

The first released arrangement of the logo had the words "DOCTOR" and "WHO" on two levels, forming a square-shaped logo, with the DW/TARDIS icon sitting alongside. The BBC Television logo was also included under this initial release.

A horizontal arrangement of the logo was shown later. The DW/TARDIS icon was positioned between the two words. This layout of the logo has been used on most Eleventh Doctor merchandise, including books, audios and magazines, as well as for Doctor Who Confidential.

A slightly different horizontal arrangement is used in the TV series itself (beginning with TV: "The Eleventh Hour" in April 2010). The words "DOCTOR" and "WHO" are again divided by the DW/TARDIS icon, but to incorporate the logo into the title sequence the icon is significantly larger in relation to the words (see illustration).

The DW/TARDIS icon rotates into place as the full logo appears, then as the logo leaves the screen the icon continues to rotate revealing the sides of the TARDIS in flight in its place.

Some fans have criticised the horizontal arrangement of Logo Ten A/B, complaining that it suggests the show being renamed "Doctor DW Who", even though no such intent has been indicated by any reputable source.

The BBC began using Logo Ten for promotional trailers and its website within days of the broadcast of The End of Time, and the horizontal version of the logo was adopted by Doctor Who Magazine beginning with issue #417, published on 7 January 2010 - making it the first piece of commercial merchandise released with the new logo, however its sister publication Doctor Who Adventures continued to use Logo Nine up to the end of March 2010. The two-level arrangement has yet to be used on any merchandise.

The DW/TARDIS icon element has also been used by the BBC in promotions for the series, often without any other wording. For example episode trailers released online by the BBC, which end simply with the DW icon.


Logo Ten (Series 6)

Beginning with The Impossible Astronaut, logo ten was maintained, but in an updated version . The logo now has added lens flare, a brighter light on the lamp, and the BBC logo is added under 'Who'. Doing so removed the need for the BBC logo to appear by itself (sometimes accompanied by animation) at other points in the episode, which had garnered criticism. It also has a purple tinge on the top left hand area of the text and the text has the texture of stone as opposed to the metallic feel of the previous version.

Doctor Who Logo 2012

Logo Ten (Series 7a, no custom texture)

Beginning with Asylum of the Daleks, another version of Logo Ten was used. The DW icon is no longer between "Doctor" and "Who", and the BBC logo is now directly underneath the logo. After the logo appears on screen, it fades away and the DW icon appears, transforming into an image of the TARDIS as it had in previous seasons. When released online, the DW/TARDIS icon is now moved to the right-hand side, leaving the DOCTOR WHO title uninterrupted. The BBC logo is also added under "WHO". This rearranged logo was adopted by Doctor Who Magazine beginning with issue #450 and has since replaced the previous version on all other merchandising. Another updated version of it was released a few months later, with the blue texture replaced with a silver scratched metal texture and the BBC logo added above "DOCTOR".

The texture of the logo changed with each episode of this half of the series.

  • For Asylum of the Daleks, it was bronze and has numerous golden spheres, representing Dalekanium.
  • For Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, it had a texture of green scales, representing the dinosaurs that appeared in the story.
  • For The Snowmen it had an icy texture, representing the story's Christmas setting.
    Doctor Who Series 7-B The Bells of Saint John Logo

    Logo Ten (Series 7b)

From the episode The Bells of Saint John (30 March 2013), the unique textures for the logo were dropped, and the remaining episodes of Series 7 used a shiny metallic texture for the logo.

Doctor Who Series 8 Logo

Logo Ten (Series 8 onwards)

Deep Breath (23 August 2014) introduced another modification of Logo Ten. This version is similar to Series 7b's logo, but has a slightly thicker typeface and a shiny bluish metal texture. Unlike previous logos the DW icon doesn't appear, the logo gets closer and goes off screen then the TARDIS appears and does the same.

On merchandising, this version of the logo is presented as entirely white, and the BBC logo is on the upper left of "DOCTOR". It does not carry the DW icon.

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Although Logo Four has been used frequently since its introduction in 1973 and continued to be used on some merchandising such as AudioGO audio dramas as recently as 2011, it has not been used without interruption.

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