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The Doctor Who photo novelisations are a series of prose adaptations of select episodes of Doctor Who.

The books carry the BBC logo but are published by Pearson, not BBC Books. All novelisations are adaptions from series five of Doctor Who.

They are part of a school reading programm that teaches children how to read. All Doctor photo novelisations are suitable for fluent plus readers. They only have a few text and a lot of photos which illustrate the text.

Two of the novelisations were written by Trevor Baxendale and the other two were written by Peter Gutierrez. Peter Gutierrez's photo novels have less text than Trevor Baxendale's photo novels and are more like a photo comic. All Doctor Who photo novelisations are about the Eleventh Doctor.

Next to the Doctor Who photo novelisations, four similar The Sarah Jane Adventures photo novelisations were published two years before the Doctor Who novelisations. As of early 2015, these are the only similar photo novelisations that are offered.

Releases Edit

# Title Author Based on Published
1 The Eleventh Hour Trevor Baxendale The Eleventh Hour 16 February 2012
2 Victory of the Daleks Peter Gutierrez Victory of the Daleks
3 The Time of Angels Trevor Baxendale The Time of Angels
4 The Lodger Peter Gutierrez The Lodger

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