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Doctor Whoah! was a comic strip published by Baxter in several issues of Doctor Who Magazine. It featured until issue 475, with an additional strip in issue 500. It was a parody of Doctor Who. Many of them mocked moments from the show, such as the Eighth Doctor using his catchphrase and Sutekh complaining about the Doctor using the Time Vortex as a dumping ground for Doctor Who's villains.

In late 2014, Baxter released a compilation of his Doctor Whoah! comic strips.

Summary Edit

DWM 430 Edit

The Dalek's mind-analysis device begins showing romantized images of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in nothing but his pants as the Third Doctor is strapped to it. The Doctor, flustered, insists that the images are simply a fictional image created to distract the Daleks.

DWM 438 Edit

A typo in the script makes the show a hit comedy as Rory and Amy do their best to kill a fleeing Hitler.

DWM 440 Edit

Rory and Amy present to the Doctor their latest sassy and dangerous friends who are going to help find the baby Amelia Pond, Symphony Stream and Harmony Lake.

DWM 472 Edit

The Eighth Doctor's new catchphrase, "I'm a doctor but probably not the one you were expecting!" is put into action in the middle of an operating room. One of the doctors notes "this has to stop."

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