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Doctor vs Doctor (short story)

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Doctor vs Doctor
Doctor: Ninth Doctor
Companion(s): Rose
Main enemy: Unnamed spaceship
Main setting: England, 1920
Earth orbit
Key crew
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Illustrator: Andy Walker
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Annual 2006
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Doctor Who annual
none The Masks of Makassar

Doctor vs Doctor was the first short story published in the 2006 Doctor Who Annual.

Summary Edit

Dr Merrivale Carr, the finest detective in 1920s England, is preparing to wrap up another investigation with the help of his young assistant, Henry Ransom. Strange murders are occurring at Lord Farthingale's. Dr Merrivale suspects hostess Glenda Neil. A visitor to the house known as the Doctor suspects an invisible alien. The pair, along with the Doctor's faithful companion Rose Tyler, must join forces to discover the truth.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Carr notes that police telephone boxes are soon to be introduced, and will spread across the whole of England.

Notes Edit

Continuity Edit

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