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Baseball field

A Dodgers game is interrupted by the materialisation of the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS on the field. (COMIC: Time Bomb)

The Dodgers were a baseball team from New York City. The Sixth Doctor and Frobisher dropped Peri Brown off in New York City to watch a Dodgers game. Returning to pick her up, the Doctor attempted to land his TARDIS in the stadium to avoid paying. He materialised on the field itself, much to the players' confusion. (COMIC: Time Bomb)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In the real world the full name of the team was the "Brooklyn Dodgers," though Time Bomb only refers to them as the "Dodgers."
  • In Time Bomb the Dodgers' home stadium is referred to as "Dodgers Stadium" instead of its correct name "Ebbets Field." This was acknowledged in the letters column of DWM 117 by the Doctor Who Magazine editors as a production error, in response to reader mail pointing it out.
  • The time-placement of Peri's game was not given, but assuming baseball history in the Doctor Who universe does not deviate from the real world on this point it would be in 1957 or earlier, as after that season the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

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