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Dominic Troy worked for Arsine de Vallen. He told Bernice Summerfield that he had found the location of Avril Fenman, which was on the asteroid where the Braxiatel Collection was. He found the cave, and drugged Benny so that Avril could get a new body. He did this as his employer wanted one of the crystals that Avril knew the location of. There he lost his body to Benny. Benny found out that Dominic was the war criminal Nico Lycene, the famous Fifth Axis Gigilo, as he had slept his way up through the ranks of the Axis. He wanted his body back and pursued her back to the Collection. When imprisoned at the Collection he commented about Benny's body, under the use of Avril. He was vain, but after getting his body back he didn't care anymore. Thanks to De Vallen's action he now owned half the planet Hera. (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal)

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