"Don't Mug Yourself" was a 21st century hip-hop song that anachronistically interrupted "Never Gonna Give You Up" on Peter Tyler's car radio on 7 November 1987. Rose Tyler, in the car with him, was confused at this. The paradox created by her meddling with time and saving her dad was causing time to collapse. (TV: Father's Day)

Lyrics Edit

...Put your phone back
Quit staring into space and eat your snack, that's that
She'll want you much for not hanging on
Stop me if I'm wrong, stop me if I'm wrong
Why should she be the one who decides whether its off or on or on or off or on
Now the girl's rude, I know she's rude, but she screwed right through you
You'll be on your knees soon

Behind the scenes Edit

"Don't Mug Yourself" is notable for being the very first hip-hop song to feature in Doctor Who. This would next occur with "Sunshine", which was used extra-diegetically two years later in Smith and Jones.