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"Donna's World" is a title based upon conjecture.

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Donna and the Fortune Teller (HQ) - Doctor Who - Turn Left - BBC04:00

Donna and the Fortune Teller (HQ) - Doctor Who - Turn Left - BBC

Under the influence of a time beetle, Donna Noble turns right. (TV: Turn Left)

Donna's World was a rewritten version of the timeline, created when Donna Noble turned right instead of left while deciding which of two different job interviews to attend. As a result, the Tenth Doctor never met Donna and died underneath the Thames on Christmas Eve 2007. This meant that he also never met Martha Jones. These events resulted in devastating effects for Earth and the universe. The Doctor's former companion, Rose Tyler, along with the alternate timeline version of Donna, eventually restored the original timeline.

History Edit

While on the planet Shan Shen, Donna was unknowingly fitted with a time beetle, part of the Trickster's Brigade. A fortune teller selected a point in her life where making a seemingly random choice had enormous ramifications.

On 25 June 2007, Donna had to make a choice between two jobs. The moment she chose between the jobs was at a junction. Her agency had offered her a contract with H.C. Clements, which while temporary, was posh and in the centre of London, which Donna enjoyed. Her mother, Sylvia Noble, had got her a job opportunity to become the personal secretary of Jival Chowdry, owner of a photocopying business. Although this would be a permanent job, Donna found it less interesting.

While driving and in discussing the dilemma, Sylvia pressured her into turning right to stop by Jival Chowdry for a chat. While in the regular timeline Donna ignored her mother and turned left, in this timeline she turned right, resulting in her taking the PA job. (TV: Turn Left)

Timeline Edit

Christmas 2007 Edit

The Tenth Doctor tracked down the Empress of the Racnoss to the Torchwood base underneath the Thames Flood Barrier and blew it up, causing the Thames to be drained into the abandoned Torchwood base. (TV: The Runaway Bride) Although he succeeded in defeating and drowning the Racnoss and its offspring, the Doctor drowned with them. For some reason, he didn't regenerate. It was speculated that he drowned too fast to regenerate. His body was retrieved by UNIT soldiers and his TARDIS was salvaged from under the Thames, later being sent to a UNIT base in Leeds. Donna stumbled across Rose Tyler, who arrived on the scene too late to do anything. (TV: Turn Left)

The Doctor is dead

The Doctor is dead... (TV: Turn Left)

2008 Edit

The last person

Oliver Morgenstern, the last survivor of the Royal Hospital tells the World what has happened on the Moon. (TV: Turn Left)

The Judoon H2O scooped the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon to find a Plasmavore criminal and her Slab accomplices. Although they found and killed the alien criminals, the Plasmavore had already armed the MRI. Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson, and Clyde Langer, who had been in the hospital when it was transported, disarmed it, but they died, along with the rest of the hospital, when their oxygen ran out. The only survivor was Oliver Morgenstern, who was passed the last oxygen tank by medical student Martha Jones, who gave up her life to save him. (TV: Turn Left)

Rose Tyler visited Donna and advised her to persuade her family to spend Christmas some place other than London. (TV: Turn Left)

Christmas 2008 Edit

London destroyed

The mushroom cloud from Titanic's impact. (TV: Turn Left)

A replica of the Titanic crash-landed onto Buckingham Palace. It destroyed the Greater London Area and flooded the whole of Southern England with radiation. Donna's family, who did decide not to stay in London for the holidays, having won a luxury getaway in a raffle, watched the events on television and were able to see the mushroom cloud of the explosion from a distance. (TV: Turn Left)

2009 Edit

Adipose usa destroyed

The Adipose wreak havoc in the United States. (TV: Turn Left)

Britain went under martial law in order to deal with the crisis caused by the nuclear explosion. Many citizens fled to France, until France closed its borders. The United States promised fifty billion pounds in financial help for Great Britain but this plan was abandoned when sixty million Americans were fully converted into Adipose children. (TV: Turn Left) Miss Foster's (TV: Partners in Crime) plan was not only successful, but sixty times as successful as was planned in the original timeline. (TV: Turn Left)

Jacks death

Rose and Donna see Torchwood Three save the world, at the cost of their lives. (TV: Turn Left)

The Sontarans activated the ATMOS devices in the cars to convert Earth into a breeding ground. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky) The surviving members of the Torchwood 3 team worked to stop the scheme. The team destroyed the Sontaran flagship and successfully reverted the atmosphere to its previous state, but Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones died in the attempt; Jack Harkness, being immortal, survived and was captured by the Sontarans and transported to Sontar as a prisoner. Britain was largely unaffected due to its poverty and hence its lack of vehicles with ATMOS devices. Rose Tyler once more appeared to Donna to try to persuade her to help change back the timeline. (TV: Turn Left)

Roughly three weeks after the Sontaran invasion, the British government made a new law ("England for the English") forcing all non-British citizens in Britain to go to "labour camps". Donna's grandfather lamented that "he never thought he would see this happen again", and when Donna chided him, saying that they are just relocation camps, he replies that "that's what they said last time".

Soon afterwards, with no-one left who could have stopped them, the Daleks were successful in detonating the Reality Bomb which began the destruction of the entire galaxy. This could be seen from Earth as the stars began disappearing from the night sky. (TV: Turn Left)

Rose Tyler, through methods unknown, was working with UNIT on reverse-engineering the TARDIS, creating a time machine with which Rose hoped to restore the timeline. (TV: Turn Left)

Negation Edit

Donna turns left part 2 - Doctor Who - BBC04:07

Donna turns left part 2 - Doctor Who - BBC

Donna recitifies the situation, and restores the original timeline. (TV: Turn Left)

UNIT and Rose Tyler sent Donna back to the point where the timelines diverged. According to Rose, in order to restore the timeline, Donna had to make her past self turn left instead of right at the point where she decided whether to follow her mother's advice or her own instincts. Donna arrived in 2007, but too far away from her past self to directly influence her; instead, she orchestrated an accident by stepping out in front of a lorry, which blocked traffic and forced the earlier Donna to turn left. Just before her death, Rose Tyler appeared and whispers a message for her to give the Doctor when the timeline was fully restored. (TV: Turn Left)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It is not actually a parallel world since the walls between realities were sealed in TV: Doomsday. This was made explicit by the production team. Rather it is an altered version of the Doctor's world. According to quantum physics, every decision we make creates multiple realities - one for each option of that decision. This theory implies that, despite the timeline being restored, the Donna's World reality still continued to exist in some form.
  • David Tennant did not actually play the person lying on the stretcher in the scene where they pull the body from the Thames, although they used the same suit that the Doctor wore in TV: The Runaway Bride.
  • Even without the Doctor's intervention, the plan of the Cult of Skaro in the 1930's Manhattan somehow still failed.
  • Although the Daleks were successful in detonating the Reality Bomb in this reality, they somehow did so without moving the Earth to the Medusa Cascade.

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