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You may be looking for the audio series.

The Doom Coalition was a secret organisation of Time Lords who sought to bring about the end of the universe.

History Edit

After gaining access to the Matrix, Padrac observed projections of Gallifrey's future, and in each it was destroyed by the action war, or the conflicts of other species. He wondered what would happen if the Time Lords became the only species in the universe, and the projections told him that Gallifrey would survive. Padrac then set out to gather a group of individuals who would help him in his quest to make the Time Lords truly immortal.

The Coalition obtained the Crucible of Souls. After the Clocksmith's Doomsday Chronometer calculated and then brought about the end of the universe, the Coaliton planned to use the Crucible of Souls to convert the life energy of the universe into regeneration energy. This would make them immortal and ensure the Time Lords would continue to survive. (AUDIO: The Crucible of Souls)