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Dot Cotton was a fictional character who appeared in the British soap opera EastEnders. Clara Oswald described her as a "famous Cockney chimney".

During the Twelfth Doctor's imprisonment in the Prison, Clara took one of Class 2A's art lessons. She asked the students to paint a placard with the phrase "SAVE THE DOCTOR", but instead they got confused and began to paint "SAVE DOT COTTON". (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

Behind the scenes Edit

Dot Branning
Species: Human
Affiliated with: Sprout Boy
Place of origin: Earth
Appearances: Dimensions in Time, Nation Television Awards Sketch 2011, Sprout Boy meets a Galaxy of Stars
Main actor: June Brown
Dot Branning or Cotton was an elderly British woman who knew the Doctor. She once featured in a dream of the Seventh Doctor's (PROSE: First Frontier) in which the Doctor is trapped in the soap opera EastEnders. (NOTVALID: Dimensions in Time) While the Eleventh Doctor was trying to drop off Dermot O'Leary at the National Television Awards, Dermot stepped out of the TARDIS into Albert Square where he was met by Dot. He was shocked to find that she knew the Doctor. Dot explained to him that he was never out of her laundrette. (NOTVALID: National Television Awards Sketch 2011) She met the Twelfth Doctor at a dinner party with Sprout Boy. (NOTVALID: Sprout Boy meets a Galaxy of Stars)

Behind the scenes Edit

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