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Dr Who and the Turgids was an advertisement comic featured in the early issues of Doctor Who Magazine. It advertised the TARDIS Tuner, a Doctor Who themed radio, which the Fourth Doctor is illustrated as using in the comic. It also features one of the first appearances of Romana outside of a television medium, although she closely resembles neither Mary Tamm nor Lalla Ward and the Doctor speaks to her as if she is not a Time Lord.

Summary Edit

The Doctor and Romana are trapped in the solid steel dungeons of the Turgids, completely surrounded by the enemies. Romana believes that they are finally in a position where they can not escape, but the Doctor says that he still has a few tricks up his sleeves as he pulls out a TARDIS Turner, an exclusive piece of Time Lord technology. The device is able to knock out their guard and send their coordinates to the TARDIS, and they are soon off the planet. Romana asks the Doctor where he wants to go now, to which the Doctor replies "Anywhere Romana! As long as we have the TARDIS Tuner!"

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  • The Doctor suggests that the TARDIS is able to fly freely.

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