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Biological type: Humanoid
Notable individuals: Olla
First seen in: A Cold Day in Hell!
Appearances: COMIC: Redemption!

The Dreilyn (also known as "heat vampires") were a humanoid race possessing pointed ears and segmented eyes. They required drawing body heat from other beings to survive, although this was normally a tiny amount of heat which didn't affect the donors. Despite this, the Dreilyn were feared and shunned wherever they went. Without a homeworld, they became "the gypsies of the spaceways", living in subpar spaceships and begging what they needed to survive. In the Galactic Federation, they had no legal standing. (COMIC: Redemption!)

A female Dreilyn named Olla was very briefly a companion of the Seventh Doctor. While the Doctor recognised her species on sight, Frobisher had not heard of them. (COMIC: A Cold Day in Hell!, Redemption!)

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