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DVD Special Feature Dudley Simpson - Doctor Who The Sun Makers - BBC01:49

DVD Special Feature Dudley Simpson - Doctor Who The Sun Makers - BBC

Dudley Simpson talks about composing for Doctor Who.

Dudley Simpson composed the incidental music for many Doctor Who stories. He contributed more than any other person to the original series.

In The Talons of Weng-Chiang, he played the conductor of the Palace Theatre. (DOC: The Last Hurrah)

He also composed the theme tune to Blake's 7.

Simpson's time with Doctor Who came to an end when incoming producer John Nathan-Turner invited him out for lunch one day, during which he announced his intention to dispense with Simpson's services and make a fresh start for the 1980s. All incidental music from then on was composed in-house by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Doctor Who filmography Edit

Simpson was originally booked to compose music for the abandoned Season 17 story Shada. For the VHS release of Shada, incidental music was composed by Keff McCulloch.

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