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Dugeen was a crewmember of the methane refinery on Delta III.

Despite the negative effect their work had on the Swampies, Dugeen supported their rights, going so far as to claim support for the Sons of Earth.

When Thawn decided that the Swampies were to be wiped out with a rocket, Dugeen tried to convince him otherwise but was threatened with a gun. He moved to attack Thawn but was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he pressed the launch abort button despite Thawn's command not to and was fatally shot by Thawn. His co-worker, Fenner, told Thawn that it had been cold-blooded murder and he'd killed him for nothing since the launch continued. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • John Leeson, who plays Dugeen, was usually the voice of K9. However, K9 did not appear in The Power of Kroll and the actor listed to play Dugeen was unavailable so Leeson took the part. His role as Dugeen was his only on screen appearance in Doctor Who.