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A duplicate of Ian Bird arrived one day at the research station on Fraternity. The research team, led by Sarah Emmins and including her husband Stuart Gorey and Bird, were unable to account for its presence. It claimed that it didn't know from where it came. It was quarantined for a time while the team members tried to figure out its origins.

The duplicate and the team were interviewed by the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. The duplicate showed anger at his treatment by the team members, mostly Gorey, and pride in his position as a unique being.

It took Sarah hostage in the laboratory, hoping to get the team to listen to him. It wanted to be treated like an ambassador, but when the Doctor wasn't willing to give in to its demands, it opened the exterior door, exposing the room to the harsh atmosphere. While Bird rescued Sarah, the Doctor closed the door; the duplicate had killed Gorey, and the others didn't know whether or not the duplicate survived. (PROSE: The 57th)

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