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Appearance: Dead Man Walking
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Death was a mysterious being and a figure in legends. It was present to Suzie Costello and Owen Harper in the afterlife, and was believed to be a personification of death. Owen stated that it was "duroc," or "hunger."

Biography Edit

According to Suzie Costello, when one died and entered the afterlife, Death would stalk them in the darkness. (TV: They Keep Killing Suzie)

Death was both worshiped and feared by Weevils. Once in 1479, it manifested itself in Cardiff after a girl named Faith was brought back to life with the resurrection gauntlet. Death killed twelve people, but Faith managed to stop it before it could collect a thirteenth victim, which would have enabled it to enter the universe permanently.

During this time, contemporary chroniclers also recorded the presence of Weevils, which seemed to have inspired imagery of the Grim Reaper.
Dead man walking main

Death possesses Owen.

In the early 21st century, when Owen Harper was resurrected with the same gauntlet, Death used him as a gateway into the universe, and possessed him repeatedly. While doing so, it repeated "I shall walk the earth and my hunger will know no bounds" in a strange language.

Eventually, the energy from Death that was keeping Owen animate fully transformed Owen's cell structure; allowing Death to cross through into the universe. After manifesting in the universe through Owen, Death had the physical form of a human skeleton shrouded in grey vapour. It travelled to St Helen's Hospital and began killing and collecting the souls of the staff and patients that Torchwood failed to evacuate from the hospital in time.

Death claimed twelve of the thirteen souls it needed to fully enter the universe, but before it could claim a thirteenth victim, Owen used faith to literally fight off Death and dissipate its energy; sending it back to the darkness. (TV: Dead Man Walking)

Notes Edit

  • Thirteen, which is the number of souls Death needs to collect after entering the physical dimension in order to enter it permanently, is considered the unlucky number; it also happens to be the total number of a Time Lord's bodies.
  • It is unknown whether, when Death enters the physical universe, it can use the souls of anyone in the world who dies to add to the thirteen souls it needs to permanently manifest, or if Death needs to kill its thirteen victims itself or at least be in the vicinity when they die in order to collect their souls. However, as Death apparently only collected twelve souls when it entered the universe through Owen, even though it was in the universe for approximately an hour or less, the latter two are more likely; unless in the Doctor Who universe death rates were extremely low at the time when Death entered the physical universe.

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