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Earl of Mummerset was a title reserved for the hereditary lord of Mummerset. His hereditary seat was at Stockbridge Castle. There were at least six earls in the hereditary line, but that line ended when Hubert died without issue in Palestine during the Crusades.

An apothecary named George laid claim to Stockbridge Castle in the guise of Hubert, but his deception was exposed to at least the residents of Stockbridge. Nevertheless, that populace came to forgive him when they witnessed him "slaying a green dragon". What actually happened was that he was merely in close proximity of the self-destruction of a Rutan ship, and the nearest description medieval Stockbridge serfs had for the event was that he "smote a dragon".

Following this event, they gave Stockbridge Castle and the title of Earl of Mummerset to George. Of course, only the King of England had the legal authority to transfer an hereditary title in this way. Whether he went along with the people of Stockbridge was unknown, so it was unclear whether George was the rightful Earl of Mummerset or not. (AUDIO: Castle of Fear)

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