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Earth Sration 454 was a science space station run by Professor Arnold Biggs. It was closed down by Rugosa, and all the members left besides Biggs. The staff were taken to Rosemarinus and hypnotised by Rugosa. When the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot arrived on the station, they found Biggs. Rugosa had the station commander, Colbert, killed and had Colbert copied by a Rosemariner.

The fake Colbert took the Doctor and Biggs to Rosemarinus to find a cure for Rosedream. When Jamie and Zoe found the hypnotised crew, they found Felicity, a staff member, who had not been hypnotised (she had fallen asleep), and told her to revive the other crew. When it became clear that Rosemarinus was a prison station, the governor was revived out of Rosedream by the Doctor. Rugosa accidentally injected himself with Rosedream after he was lead to believe it was the cure by the Doctor. The governor then arrested Rugosa and then the other prisoners, and Rosemarinus left to go back to Rosa Damascena. 454 was then opened again after the crew were revived. (AUDIO: The Rosemariners)