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Thomas unveils the series 5 TARDIS to Matt Smith on CON: Call Me the Doctor

Edward Thomas was the production designer for almost every episode of Doctor Who from series 1 to series 5. He was also the production designer for every episode of Torchwood from series 1 to 3, the last two episodes of series 4 and UK unit work for the rest of that series and for series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Welcome to the Torchwood Hub an introduction to the set - Torchwood Declassified - BBC America01:05

Welcome to the Torchwood Hub an introduction to the set - Torchwood Declassified - BBC America

Thomas takes viewers around the Torchwood Hub set

As a result, his influence on the look of the Doctor Who universe cannot be overestimated. It goes only a small way towards explaining his importance to note that he designed the TARDIS control room set for the Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and the initial Matt Smith era TARDIS, the Eccleston, Tennant and Smith era TARDIS exteriors, the Torchwood hub and Sarah Jane Smith's attic. After leaving Doctor Who, the TARDIS exterior prop Thomas designed for the Matt Smith era continued to be used into Peter Capaldi's run.

After The Big Bang, he relinquished his duties to Michael Pickwoad, then became the production designer for another BBC science fiction programme, Outcasts.

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